What is Coin For Nature (COFN)?

Coin For Nature is a cryptocurrency that will be developed as part of a groundbreaking project that aims to bring innovative, permanent solutions for NATURE in the world of Blockchain technology and reuse waste from Nature.

The team aimed to create a blockchain-based marketplace where buyers and sellers come together to execute transactions that will include the COFN cryptocurrency.

Traditional and smart contract, blockchain, plans to connect people, combining future ideas and analyzing user preferences.
What is Nature Coin NTRC

We aim to combine this technology with the planned Project to ensure the recycling of waste in nature.

The main purpose; biodegradable residues, park and garden residues, market and market residues, animal remains, slaughterhouse remains, raw materials and transforming them into products without harming the environment. The Digital Cryptocurrency we call COIN FOR NATURE is requested to be used by the Team as the face of our Renewable Energy Project.

Apart from Cryptocurrency in the Marketplace, it is aimed to sell the products that will be recycled and reintroduced to the nature by the team, and the related service project of the infrastructure equipment in the facilities to be created to produce these products, by tender.
The unique advantage here is that users’ functions will be facilitated based on the artificial intelligence approach.

When our projects are completed on the dates specified in the roadmap and COIN FOR NATURE is fully operational, all circulating tokens of Token holders will be exchanged for coins we call COIN FOR NATURE. For this purpose, SWAP will be organized and our team will inform the Token holders in advance.

In order to support our COIN FOR NATURE project, some of the roadmap titles of our Real projects are listed below.


1st Phase Investment Incentive plans and their implementation


Pools, Crusher, Filling Machine, Rotary Screen, Cooler, Dryer, Raw Material Tanks etc. Organization of equipment with vendors for the purchase


For the realization of Renewable Energy, the organization of the area of m2 where the recycling facility is determined in the Plans


Layout consultations in accordance with the Facility Flow Chart Layout Plan


Conversion of Waste to Fertilizer Obtaining Methane Gas and Conversion to Electricity


Electricity Generation, Availability of produced electricity and distribution plans


Determination and supply of seeds to be planted in the fields near the facility


Making the fields determined near the facility suitable for cultivation


Consultations of Trading Platform to be integrated with COIN FOR NATURE, Meetings with Software team

You can visit our roadmap.

We only share detailed information about our COIN FOR NATURE Project and the projects we carry out in order to generate income for our Token Community, only with Token holders.
Token Holders can send an e-mail to [email protected] to get information about the Real Projects We Run and the Roadmap of Our Facilities.
They can also make a Request by filling out our Request Form on our website.
We are happy to share Encrypted Documents with Token holders.

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